Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool

I've been in the outskirts of  Liverpool for 3 months now and despite how much I love it, I must depart tomorrow. It is a city that is extremely underrated and has so much culture and great things to do, plus is accessible to so many other areas of England. I'm having a blast, traveling all around the area, and logging some great memories (that I'm sure I'll never forget) to boot. These are my fave pics since I've been jammin in the 'pool...

a view of Ormskirk (the town my uni is in) from Ruff Woods

(photo by my friend Jon)

 Conwy, Wales

(photo by my friend Jon)

Ruff Woods

Albert Docks... I love how varied the architecture is in Liverpool, so much new and so much old

driving the yellow submarine!
(photo by my friend Jon)

day trip to England's lake district

(photo by my friend Jon)

day trip to Formby, England (home of the largest sand dunes in the UK)

Crosby, England. 


(photo by my friend Jon)

the sandwich press and the record player: two staples at my favorite coffee shop

Elephants at the Chester Zoo :)

(photo by my friend Jon)

old Beetle in Ormskirk (photo by my friend Jazmin)

(photo by my friend Jazmin)

I'll miss you, Liverpool.... you've been good to me....
And, I think as a lucky going away present, it just started snowing :)

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