Nuevo Mexico

I had the pleasure of exploring the gorgeous state of New Mexico a couple weeks ago in the form of Santa Fe and Albuquerque. It was my first time visiting and I already want to go back to explore more (I'm driving my friends nuts talking about it)! There I found amazing views, clear air, unique places, and warm-hearted people. On top of all this, there's the 505 green chile. Enough said. In Santa Fe there is endless amounts of art and age-old culture that made me feel like I had somehow slipped out of the United States without knowing. If you've been, you understand, if not, I absolutely suggest going! My photos below are from these adventures in the southwest... enjoy!

the pad in Albuquerque

relaxing between sets during the boys' self-produced music festival (yes, inside the house and the neighbor's)

one of a few houses in Albuquerque designed to look like space ships (so cool!)

me, taking a break from the festival

the boys of Post War Germany

Lizzy of The Vitamins, aka one badass chick

(her again, rocking an amazingly bizarre headband)

Antonio and Sarah... gorgeous AND cool

inside Santa Fe's Eldorado Hotel

one of many mesmerizing sculptures in the Wiford Gallery
(check out this website, my photo doesn't do it justice, it's magical)

two words: Lavender Lemonade

a bizarre creation within the vessel created by creative group Meow Wolf, 
an installation called The Due Return which included a life size alien pirate ship
complete with scientific experiments, logs, and living quarters. it's as cool as it sounds.

Shidoni Sculpture Garden

Last but not least... I was lucky enough to land a tour (thanks to Glenn Dickter!) inside the guts of the famous Santa Fe Opera House. The costume shop was mind-blowing, as were the enormous storage closets, jam-packed millinery shops, and the wig shop that accompanied it. Each costume was a work of art, skillfully pieced together to make the larger-than-life characters of the opera a great success!

This is all extremely well done piece work, no screen printing here.

Quick shot of some bizarre yet fantastic pieces. 

Another brilliant example of intricate piece work

Gorgeous robe with tons of velvet and silk layers and bead work.