Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool

I've been in the outskirts of  Liverpool for 3 months now and despite how much I love it, I must depart tomorrow. It is a city that is extremely underrated and has so much culture and great things to do, plus is accessible to so many other areas of England. I'm having a blast, traveling all around the area, and logging some great memories (that I'm sure I'll never forget) to boot. These are my fave pics since I've been jammin in the 'pool...

a view of Ormskirk (the town my uni is in) from Ruff Woods

(photo by my friend Jon)

 Conwy, Wales

(photo by my friend Jon)

Ruff Woods

Albert Docks... I love how varied the architecture is in Liverpool, so much new and so much old

driving the yellow submarine!
(photo by my friend Jon)

day trip to England's lake district

(photo by my friend Jon)

day trip to Formby, England (home of the largest sand dunes in the UK)

Crosby, England. 


(photo by my friend Jon)

the sandwich press and the record player: two staples at my favorite coffee shop

Elephants at the Chester Zoo :)

(photo by my friend Jon)

old Beetle in Ormskirk (photo by my friend Jazmin)

(photo by my friend Jazmin)

I'll miss you, Liverpool.... you've been good to me....
And, I think as a lucky going away present, it just started snowing :)

Shout Out: Claudia Pink & Silver Birch

In my last post about Liverpool I noted a great little shop named after it's owners/ designers, Claudia Pink & Silver Birch. Claudia is the mastermind behind the jewelry, and Silver has the magic touch with the sewing machine. Together the girls have created a store that can't be described with any word except fabulous. I wanted to make this shout out about their store as I am seriously inspired by their success (and hope to be on the same page as them one day!) and want to spread the know about the gorgeous pieces they're creating. I've included their personal websites as well as a couple that sell their stuff, as well as a few pictures from their sites so you can see how funky and chic their style is. I hope you find them as marvelous as I do!
*most photos from this post were found on the websites below or Google images

A body chain in the shop that I absolutely fell in love with... if I had £40, it would be mine!

In the store...

 In the store...

The best part about my purchase: she wrapped it up for me in this cute, personalized box. 
Such a small detail but it made an impression. 

The earrings I bought...  So fab!

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Liverpool is a seriously underrated city. Want proof? Hop a plane to John Lennon Airport and check out these spots...
*some photos from this post were found on Google images


little red vintage
74 Bold Street
Liverpool, L1

By far my favorite store in Liverpool, this little boutique has such an amazing range of clothes, from authentic vintage to reconstructions to handmade replicas. You can get a unique grandpa sweater for £15, a leather clutch for £6, vintage Levi cutoffs for £25, and 2 for £5 silk scarves. Every time I walk in here (to my bank account's dismay) I walk out with something amazing... last time it was a super cool pleated vintage replica skirt (if you look back to my pictures from Paris I'm wearing it in some of them). The other thing I love about this store is how it's decorate.... butterfly wallpaper, candy-colored pom pom chandeliers, and old traveling trunks and cabinets for displays.

80 Bold Street
Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4HR

This spot is so awesomely reflective of how eclectic Liverpool is. The front of the shop is occupied by a very punk/ Gothic/ steampunk type store that carries all sorts of awesome corseted dresses with flouncy tulle underskirts, but in the back there's an entire wall of jeans, a few racks of cozy winter sweaters, and other various tops. Then head downstairs, vintage heaven. Upstairs? A tattoo and piercing shop called Dermagraffiti, complete with an excellent two story walkup who's walls are covered in spray painted murals. You could literally spend hours in this building and not get bored.

Claudia Pink & Silver Birch
84 Bold Street
Liverpool L1 4HR

Glamour. In. A. Nutshell. If you love gems, chains, feathers, sequins, glitz, etcetera... come to this shop. Giant earrings, sheer dresses with billowing sleeves, Cleopatra-esque arm bands, bindis, show stealing cocktail rings, bustiers, and vintage style turbans are just some of what you can find here. University of Leeds fashion graduates Claudia and Silver opened this shop less than a month ago, and already it is incredible. Claudia makes/ alters/ buys all of the jewelry, and Silver hand-makes all of the clothes. Every time I go in here I can't leave because each piece is more fabulous than the next, and there's always that awesome feeling of supporting a small business and of buying something handmade and super unique.

Miss Millie
Grand Central Hall, Renshaw Street
Liverpool L1 2SF

This store is jam-packed with vintage and handmade vintage-inspired jewelry. There's something for everyone... from kitschy plastic rings and pendants to cute evening bags and funky hair accessories, this place is a must-see as you can find something for everyone.

Pop Boutique
58 Whitechapel
Liverpool L1 6EG

Love the 60's, 70's, and 80's? Then you'll love Pop. Bright, funky, retro clothes are everywhere you look and for a pretty decent price too. They have more locations in other cities in England, but this one is an old two-story bank and is filled with what they call "cool retro junk". Junk or not, this brightly colored, groovy shop is sure to put some pep in your step and maybe some platform shoes on your feet.


Bold St. Coffee
89 Bold St.
Liverpool L1 4HF

This place could compete with any New York coffee shop for sure - in fact, it's better than most. They keep their record player next to their sandwich press... enough said. With a seriously laid back atmosphere and absolutely delicious coffee, treats, and meals (all of which are made in-house), Bold St. Coffee is always bustling with cool and interesting people. One time I was there they even had an older gentleman (which I just found out from their website that he is "Liverpool legend Sam Ambrose") come in to play his harp, and there's always local art being exhibited on the walls. It's privately owned and has only been open for a about a year, but it seems to be doing well so far as they've won an award and are already opening a second location. And girls... lots of attractive guys working here who can make you a killer cappaccino! ;)

65-67 Bold Street
Liverpool L1 4EZ

I could have found a picture of the outside of this tea house, but it wouldn't do it justice. What makes Leaf so cool is the interior... a giant splendid place filled with interesting wall paper, giant lamp shades, and excellent extravagent upholstered furniture. They have lots of tea, lots of food, and lots of space to sit and relax for as long as you want. They also host craft fairs, jukebox nights, a vintage fair on Sundays, life drawing classes, and use their space as music venue to name a few things. It was voted one of the Top 10 British Tearooms this year, and I believe they live up to the hype!

Django's Riff
24 Wood Street
Liverpool L1 4AQ

My favorite bar in Liverpool... there's always an ecclectic, suave crowd and dj's that make the atmosphere just right with customized hip hop beats. But I mean any bar that's named after a famous guitarist has got to be pretty sensational. The drinks are decently priced, the bartenders are easy going, they've got some pretty sick art up on the walls, and they serve Red Stripe. Got me hooked. The street it's on is also filled with tons of other bars and places to hang out at night, which is a plus.

The Cavern Club
10 Mathew Street
Liverpool L2 6RE

Yes... the place where The Beatles grew into what we know them as today. Although it is definitely one of Liverpool's prime tourist attractions, it is worth going if you're a Beatles fan. Even if you're not a huge fan, being here absolutely gives you the chills. It still feel fairly authentic despite the hundreds of people who go through it every day, and there's tons of band posters hanging on the wall with the dates that each one played there (Queen, The Who, Chuck Berry, and Jimi Hendrix to name a few). Other than the Cavern though, don't stick around Mathew Street for too long: tourist trap!

Albert Dock

Beautiful, historic, and down right cool, Albert Dock is home to tons of great restaurants, bars, gift shops, and museums (including The Beatles Story). They're all filled with great interior design, and very industrial since most of the building still have the original architecture on the inside. I love hanging out here during the day or at night.