Shout Out: Claudia Pink & Silver Birch

In my last post about Liverpool I noted a great little shop named after it's owners/ designers, Claudia Pink & Silver Birch. Claudia is the mastermind behind the jewelry, and Silver has the magic touch with the sewing machine. Together the girls have created a store that can't be described with any word except fabulous. I wanted to make this shout out about their store as I am seriously inspired by their success (and hope to be on the same page as them one day!) and want to spread the know about the gorgeous pieces they're creating. I've included their personal websites as well as a couple that sell their stuff, as well as a few pictures from their sites so you can see how funky and chic their style is. I hope you find them as marvelous as I do!
*most photos from this post were found on the websites below or Google images

A body chain in the shop that I absolutely fell in love with... if I had £40, it would be mine!

In the store...

 In the store...

The best part about my purchase: she wrapped it up for me in this cute, personalized box. 
Such a small detail but it made an impression. 

The earrings I bought...  So fab!

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