In Between Days

I was back in NYC for a total of 4 months before I shipped off again to my next location, but I managed to get a lot of shots of the city. I tried to keep the tourist mentality when I got back because I really believe that that's what gets a person good photos - when you keep your eyes open to all of the new possibilities. This was the result, and I think it was fairly good... if anything it gave me an excuse to wander around my own city on my down time when I wasn't working on my show (which went wonderfully!). It seems like forever ago now, as always my posts somehow seem to fall to the wayside when I have other things going on, but it's not like the city's gone anywhere... ;)

 Harlem fruit truck

  my favorite Indian spot in the city... you can't even stand up straight

  my favorite kitchen in my favorite person's house. and big for New York, no?

  New York brunch... duh!


  one of my favorite wings in the Met... 

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