The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

'Tis true... especially as I am back on home soil, enjoying the holidays at my parent's lovely house in Philadelphia until I can find myself a new shoe box to live in in NYC! Home now looks SO different since being away for so long - I feel like I'm looking at things like I never have before. This post contains photos of how my family does Philly during the holidays: something that is so familiar to me yet could be so different to anyone else who is not from here. I realized you don't usually think about that kind of thing until you have to. Moral of the story? Perspective is everything!

Wannamaker's Christmas Light Show - a Philadelphia tradition since 1956

Annual Christmas village (this year located in LOVE park)

little sister :)

day trip to Intercourse, PA (i had to)

little brother :)

dad preparing a deli tray for lox & bagel brunch... can't forget the Jewish side haha (Christmas is really the only day of the year my mum couldn't give up)

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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