Shopping: Amsterdam

In the midst of my (unfortuantely too short) time in Amsterdam I of course kept my eyes peeled for great places to expand my wardrobe. I only actually brought home a pair of 1980's orange enamel earrings (above) from Rumors Vintage - which I love! - but nonetheless I took note so I could share with all of you. The following are what I considered to be great spots, if only I had time to find more! Get shopping :)

Karin 38 S
Kloveniersburgwal 38-Sous
1012 CW Amsterdam

Cute hole in the wall (or, ground) vintage store near the Nieuwmarkt square run by the sweetest woman ever. She made us feel like we were stepping into her closet and was so welcoming and helpful. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to poke around in here, but the place was lined floor to ceiling, literally clothing hanging from the ceiling, with so many pieces. There was also a couple huge tables in the front filled with accessories like gloves, scarves, bags, etc.

By Tess
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 349
1012 RM Amsterdam

A sassy store that was just being put on it's feet when I poked my head in. The owner is a young girl (presumably Tess) who buys all of the store's stock herself. I loved it here because it really reflected Amsterdam's energy... she combines the city's omnipresent street art with feminine colors then puts a punk but not too punk twist on it. Lots of skulls, zippers, leopard print, printed T's and lots of PINK! She's open every day and I'm sure would love to build her clientelle so check it out!

Laura Dols
Wolvenstraat  7
1016 EM Amsterdam

I unfortunately didn't get to go inside this one as we walked past it at night, but I've been finding a lot of hits for it online so I'm assuming it's a safe bet. As I was drooling in the window, however, I saw lots of sequins, furs, cute jackets, pill-box hats, and lots of purses. It's also conveniently located quite close to the red light district so it's central, therefore easy to walk past and drag your friends into. Someone let me know how it is!

Perk: here's their website...  http://www.lauradols.nl/nl/vintage/galajurken/

Rumors Vintage
Haarlemmerstraat 99A
1013 EM Amsterdam

The lovely store where I bought my earrings (6 euro, there were tons more for the same price) and would have bought so many more things if I could! Shoes galore, amazing leather bags for only 15 euro, and tons of affordable vintage clothing. The girl at the counter told me that most of their stuff comes from cold stock from the 70's onward, so most of it has never been worn and is absolutely authentic vintage. The owners have great taste and apparently have other stores too (Marbles and Joosje), Rumors is actually their second shop and is fairly new for them. Highly recommended, I wish this place was local for me!

The End
Amsterdam City Centre

Unfortunately I messed up with this one and forgot to get a business card and of course can't find it online, but this shop was so great and so cheap! It's in the city centre so perhaps you may stumble upon it during your travels, and I hope you do because it's a find. All of those leather jackets hanging up outside the window were priced around 15 euro, and there was loads more stuff inside for under 10 euro. If anyone finds this, let me know so I can post the address and share the know.

Last but not least, there are TONS of markets in Amsterdam. In two days we stumbled upon 3 markets, all of which were completely different but fantastic. I didn't have the smarts to take note of where the ones were that I visited, but just walk around and you're sure to find a bunch. The ones we found had lots of great Dutch food, jewelry, leather goods, old records and photographs, imported goods, and so much more. Below are some pictures I took, to convince you to stop and take a look if you see any!

 Gelukkig winkelen!

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