Amsterdam Obsession

This past weekend I took my first real backpacking-on-my-own-staying-in-a-hostel excursion... and it was MAGNIFICENT. I arrived in Amsterdam Thursday night and even from the train platform I could already feel the city's positive energy. I can't put into words my experience there... it is so much more than the debauchery that it's famous for ("coffee shops", the red light district, etc.); the city has so much life and interesting culture, and the Dutch people are so friendly, relaxed, modest, and always appear happy. If you get a chance to go, grab it and take it for all it's worth. Hopefully my photos can describe what my words are failing to right now... genieten!

Fact: There are 1.5 bikes for every person in Amsterdam. I have literally never seen so many bikes in my whole life. 

Special tea...


Biking trip through the country...

Canal houses (literally floating houses... they have to take little boats across the canal to get to their cars on the street)

Occupy Amsterdam


  1. Great photos! I wish I had more time to see Amsterdam when I visited. It's such a great place.

  2. LOVING these pics!! so many colors!