Oui, oui, Paris!

Given away by the title of this post, I finally took my first trip to Paris a few weeks ago. Et quelle une surprise, mes amis! It was absolutely everything I ever dreamed it would be. Gorgeous buildings, gorgeous people, motor bikes everywhere, delicious smells, French conversations, cigarettes, cafés, cappuchino, great sense of style, class, relaxing energy, romance... oh mon deiu! I was so overwhelmed and embraced by the city that I hardly had any time to shop or keep on eye out for vintage stores, but I was lucky enough to be completely submerged in the culture and hang out with some Parisians who showed me some great spots (via motorbike!). This was probably one of the best weekends of my life, no words can explain my experience. Ergo... regardez les photos de mon voyage. Bon journée!

yess, I'm documenting my outfit, day 1! i packed smart for once (wasn't my hostel cool!? click here to book...)

the most delicious lunch

le Centre de Pompidou

the view from the escalators in le Centre de Pompidou

Café Cheri(e)... I recommend going here if you ever go to Paris!

le Sacre Coeur

my mode of transportation for the weekend

Jim Morrison's grave in the Pere Lachaise

Pere Lachaise

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