Sol, beber, danza, otra vez!

I hear some things are better late than never... which is why I'm finally posting about my trip to Spain! At first I thought "nah, I didn't really take pictures of anything to do with costumes or fashion or art". But then I thought to myself, who gives a shit? Being in Spain is INTERESTING! In 30 years I can look back and say "I was in Spain in the 10's" (will we say that still?) and it'll be cool, I will have experienced a piece - however small - of Spanish pop culture in 2011 as well as what it's like to be an Englishman, or, Englishwoman on holiday*! And that's what I want my blog to be about, my record of my own experiences with popular culture throughout the ages. Therefore in the spirit of my epiphanal "who gives a shit"... welcome to the south of Spain via August 2011.
*For those who are WTF-ing, I took this trip with my English family. Aka my mum's sister and co. who are awesome and live in Hertfordshire, England. 

First, check out this dance song that I couldn't get enough of while I was there...  Danza Kuduro - Don Omar ft Lucenzo. Makes some good background music for this post!

My interpretation of our apartment complex, La Torre, in Murcia

Our "spot" at my favorite bar called The Windmill (named appropriately... )

Feeling like a prude American in the bathroom...

Some awesome street art

And a bit of artistic Spanish inspiration of my own

Amazing pants that I bought! Everyone in Spain was rocking crazy patterned pants.

Cartagena, Spain

 Very beautiful, very old port town

Last but not least, swimming with sea lions :)

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