UK Sartorialists

As promised, a little insight into what's happening right now on the English style front. These are all people I know or met along the way during my travels, each of which possess exellent personal style that reflect not only their own taste but also embodies popular trends across the pond at the moment. And so...
Camden Market in London
(photo by Charlotte Jacobson)

Emily - layered floral blouse under lace sweater, school girl messenger bag and leather penny loafers
(photo by Charlotte Jacobson)

Will - brown skinny jeans and shearling-lined boots

Isabelle - "granny" style sweater, knit circle scarf, cropped striped T, industrial booties

These industrial style boots are everywhere there right now... so comfortable and practical. 
I picked up a pair myself!
(photo by Charlotte Jacobson)

Stefan and Harry - thick, patterned winter sweaters 
(also notice their peircings... awesome and interesting personal touches)

Notice the brown wing-tips and ridiculously skinny jeans

Mitch - loving the 90's wave haircut, hoop earrings, and enthusiast band T
(photo by Charlotte Jacobson)

just something silly :)
(photo by Charlotte Jacobson)

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