Oh, the elegance of the 1950's. I've been doing research for a designer for an upcoming play taking place in 1953 and have stumbled upon so many great images*! This seems especially relevant since so many fashion trends right now are revolving around the '50s (vintage, round, tortoise-shell sunglasses, red lips & nails, and just the all around simple sophistication of a beautiful silhouette). I don't know where my nostalgia for times past comes from, but I do know that I find so much inspiration in it. Hoping you will you too :) xo
*these were all found on the Internet... some I have cited, some not. Just an FYI - go anti-plagiarism! 

(please note the creepy man standing behind the girls... just noticed that)
(taken from www.gettyimages.com)

(taken from www.gettyimages.com)

a coat like this is on my holiday wish list! so glamorous 
yet looks so warm (we all know how hard that is to find!)
(taken from www.gettyimages.com)

(taken from www.gettyimages.com)

(taken by famous photographer Irving Penn)

(taken by fashion photographer Henry Clarke)

Marlene Dietrich 

Marilyn... of course. This is one of my favorite pictures of her.

This last one I found adorable - time to get into the holiday spirit!
(taken by photographer Nat Fein - www.vintagephotos.com)

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