the beginning

here we go, jumping on the blog bandwagon...

to initiate the existence of my blog, i've decided to begin at the beginning! where i've come from, who has influenced me, and most importantly who and what i love. so, here it goes :)

my mum (circa 1980's in Trafalgar square, London)

my dad (circa 1970's at Camp Ramblewood, MD)

my sister (c. 2010 at the Philadelphia Folk Festival)

my best friend (c. 2005)

my boyfriend (c. 2010 on East Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA)

my home (Chester Springs, PA)

my current place of residence

personalities (here, Bette Davis)

fashion history (c. 1911, design by Paul Poiret)

fashion through art and other mediums (James Tissot's La Mondaine, 1883)

modern cultures (advertisement for The Fillmore, 1966)

for now, that's all. can't wait until i get good at this!

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